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Pursue Excellence in...

Student Achievement

Teacher Support

Community Involvement

Fiscal Stewardship

A Passion for Excellence

I have always sought ways to use my skills to help others. Whether working at our church in a support role, assisting victims of crimes as a forensic analyst, or supporting law enforcement across the country, I have always tried to ensure that others succeed. In Richardson ISD, I have enjoyed serving on our local PTA and several district committees to advocate for all our students. I want to ensure that all our kids succeed academically and in life.

Somebody once told me that an organization could be known for one thing. For the past many years, I don't think that one thing for RISD has been "excellence." What I would love to see change is that when people from across Texas or the country think of RISD, they think of excellence. Excellence in the way we teach our children. Excellence in the way we equip our teachers. Excellence in the way we manage our resources.


With you we can...

help every student reach their full potential. 

As a district, helping each student succeed academically should be our top priority. We should examine everything through the lens of "how does this help our students succeed." While 2020 did create a gap in our student learning, Richardson ISD has been sliding academically for a while. We must ensure that our students follow proven techniques to be challenged and succeed academically.

involve the community with graditude and transparency.

A healthy relationship between our neighborhood and schools benefits our students, their families, and the community. By opening my door for everyone, seeking transparency, and finding ways to unify around a common goal, we can set an example for our students to help them see the best in others.

engage and support our excellent teachers.

As I have been present in our schools, I have met so many great teachers, and I love their hearts for students. I have also seen that we ask them to do a lot, with priorities changing constantly. Every teacher signs up because they are passionate about helping students, and we can help resource them to succeed. By freeing them up to teach and relying on proven curricula, we can make this district the best place for the best teachers.

steward our finances responsibly.

For RISD to become a district of excellence, there will be some tough conversations around fiscal responsibility. By stewarding our resources well, we can provide an excellent education that brings students to the district. RISD is in the service industry, and we must put every dollar to work to serve our students.


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